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Featured: A Journey Being A Hitmaker

An Interview with Yang Ting Ting

About Yang Tingting

Tingting is one shining example of many of our success stories – this young talent trained with us in the clarinet, classical and jazz piano, as well as music production for three years. She then successfully auditioned for a few Ivy League schools. Her passion and excellence led her to be awarded a scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College, where she continues to scale new heights towards her dream of being a professional musician!



Student at Hitmaker has the privilege of working on a real industry project. Yang Tingting is one of the many who has had worked on the top charted projects such as the Orion Christmas song in the year 2020. 


Credits: (for part of the work done at Hitmaker, Singapore on keys, piano and clapping)

Produced by: Jeff Miyahara

Recorded by:

    • Oliver Mando

Keys/Piano by:

    • Yang Tingting
    • Amanda Zhu
    • Shu Yixin

Claps by:

    • Yang Tingting
    • Amanda Zhu
    • Chang Hong
    • Shu Yixin
    • Oliver Mando
    • Muhd Irfan bin Selamat


About Keytalk

Keytalk, styled KEYTALK, is a Japanese rock band. Their album HOT! reached the 4th place on the Weekly Oricon Albums Chart and their single “Starring Star” reached the 7th place on the Weekly Oricon Singles Chart. Their song “Ōka Ranman” is the first opening song of the anime television series Rin-ne and their song “Starring Star” is the second ending song of the anime television series Dragon Ball Super.

– Wikipedia